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CroDiab NET

CroDiab NET, a computer software designed on the basis of world quality indicators, integrates electronic patient records and generates discharge summaries parallel to collecting data for the national registry.  Data collection for the Registry is based on automatic extraction.

Central CroDiabNET module is BIS (basic informatic sheet), recognised by the World Health Organisation and International Diabetes Federation as optimal data collection form for the follow-up and improvement of diabetes care.

It is composed of target anamnestic data including risk factors, self-monitoring results, data on chronic complications, treatment forms and individual treatment goals. Although the module includes complete and sufficient data collection to serve the registry, it would be inadequate in routine clinical practice,  which is why additional modules have been connected. Automatic generation of history using entered data in a predefined way, drug registry, registry of ICD-10 classification-based diagnoses, diagrams of laboratory parameter trends for individual patients and basic statistical analyses with graphical display by individual strata are only some of CroDiab NET's features that made it extremely well-suited and accepted in routine clinical practice.  

Regular reports on the results and data analyses have been presented at semi-annual meetings of the Society for Diabetes and Metabolic Disorders of the Croatian Medical Association since 2000.

Over 50 000 of patients from 22 centres from the whole of Croatia have been included in CroDiab NET since 2000.

CroDiabNET screen shot gallery