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 CroDiab the National Diabetes Registry was founded to enable promotion of diabetes care, assessment of the prevalence and incidence of diabetes and its acute and chronic complications, and follow-up of morbidity, mortality, and basic clinical indicators on a national level. A national registry is of major importance in the planning of preventive actions and reduction in health care costs,  as well as in the improvement of health care.

All primary and secondary care physicians who provide diabetes care are obliged to supply data on their patients to The Vuk Vrhovac University Clinic for Diabetes, Endocrinology and Metabolic Diseases on an annual basis, by January 15 at the latest for the previous year (Annual Plan of the Statistical Activities of the Republic of Croatia; Official Gazette 28/05, 58/05, 04/06, 117/06, 65/08, and Basic Health Insurance Plan and Programme of Health Protection Measures; Official Gazette 126/06).

Data set to be supplied constitutes a BIS (basic informatic sheet), recognised by the international diabetology community as optimal data collection form for the follow-up and improvement of diabetes care.


1.       secondary and tertiary health centres with diabetes care within their scope of activities complete BIS (basic information sheet) using CroDiab NET system

2.       other secondary and all primary health centres complete BIS via CroDiab WEB system

3.       all users without access to information technology complete and mail paper BIS forms


Data are analysed and submitted to the Croatian Institute of Public Healht on an annual basis.

Standard reports will be available on these pages from June 2006.

Please acknowledge the source (Diabetes Registry) if you use data in your work.

Standard annual reports are freely accessible to the public. To use other data a researcher needs to obtain a special authorisation by the registry and provide a written commitment to ensuring further data confidentiality and using data for the specified purpose only.


We look forward to our joint efforts in improving our patients' health and we thank you in advance on their behalf.